I Have a Passion

I Have a Passion

Posted by Sue Green on 16th Apr 2018

This is the first time I have written a blog, but I think it is time I got started.

First I will tell you about my Passion for Sewing, Quilting with the Fabrics and Tools involved.

I find so much joy in my work that it isn't really work to me!  

I learned to sew in Jr. High and continued with it as I got older making clothes for myself, then

my children and grandchildren. 

About 23 years ago, my sister introduced me to the Art of Quilting.

It caught on and I began making quilts for my family which by then was quite large.

After just about everyone had one, and sometimes two quilts, I decided I would make quilts and

other Handmade Items and offer them to the whole World. 

I opened my Shop on Etsy and called it Sue's Creating Cottage.

In the process of all this sewing, I had to have so much fabric and I fell in love with all the beautiful colors and 

Patterns that it came in.

Flowers are my favorite - especially roses, but I had accumulated more than I could use in a lifetime!

Sound familiar?

That's when I decided to expand my business to include Fabrics, Patterns, Rulers, Kits, Tools, other Supplies.

One of the commitments I made was to only sell Premium Quality Products and give the Best Service that is possible.