What did you Give For Christmas?

What did you Give For Christmas?

Posted by Sue Green on 27th Dec 2018

Now that Christmas is over, I reflect back on the joy I feel in having made the time to create the gifts for the ones I love. The quilt you see in the picture is the one I made for my Granddaughter Becca who loves purple. It is a "Cuddle Quilt" meant to snuggle in while she watches TV or reads a book.

Then her two brothers each received quilts for their beds - AJ wanted one with what he calls "Camo" fabric which is not what I would have imagined! It was actually camo in the forest with trees and branches, but he loves it! His brother Ryan received his bed quilt full of baseball themed fabrics since that is one of his first loves.

I made pillowcases for my many other grandchildren some of which were~a soccer one for my soccer player grandson Noah, a White Snowflake one for granddaughter Paris who has all white bedding. Then for my two young grandsons Kenny and Kingston, they have race cars adorning their pillowcases since that's what they love!

I would love to hear what you enjoyed doing to prepare for Gift-giving this year. I know how filled up with good feelings it makes me when I am sewing for others. That is a bond we all share and why we do what we do. Now we get to start all over again at this New Year with seemingly all kinds of time to create  things we know will make people happy!

I will post pictures of some of the quilts I have made recently on my Facebook Page for you to see.  I love to see yours too!  It has been fun to scroll through and see all the gift quilts that were given this Christmas to others.

With this new year I have begun a New Feature in the Shop each day to Inspire you and introduce the Amazing Products we have. Be sure to ask questions and let me know what you want to see featured~I look forward to hearing from you as you mean so much to me!